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Hi! I’m La Detra. 

You might know me from my small business ambushes on Facebook, but here is something you might not know.

I am only able to bless small businesses because of my success as an entrepreneur. I came from humble beginnings and then later received the best education money could buy.

For the last 20 years, I’ve been honing my skills as a marketing consultant and facilitator, and now it’s time for me to pass along these same skills to you!

What can I help you with today? 

See what people are saying about mentorship sessions and what she’s doing in the community…

My mentoring experience with La Detra was excellent. It was an eye opener and a tremendous help that assisted me with the tools, resources, and strategies necessary. She offered her personal expertise, tips, and experience that provided great information to help me complete my book and launch successfully.  La Detra was personable and supportive. I was highly satisfied because she exceeded my expectations and sharpened my knowledge about branding and marketing. La Detra is the real deal and genuine when it comes to sharing her gift!

Ronita Bowser, Author, Loving Him from A to Z

La Detra challenged us to clearly define what we had to offer, how would we make a difference in the marketplace, what made our business great and what needed more work. I usually don’t take criticism well but La Detra knows exactly how to package her honesty. She gives you coaching and feedback in a way that leaves you grateful to have received it. La Detra’s Masterclass doesn’t just help you discover business and marketing techniques, it also helps you discover more about you…

Ronnesia Barker, RNB Consulting

I approached La Detra White because I was unsure about how to properly position my business in the marketplace and as a result my sales were suffering.

La Detra helped me by working with me to examine what was unique about my services and showed me how to express my value to my prospective customers.

I can now effectively and confidently communicate how my business serves the desires of my marketplace.

One thing I liked was how La Detra really took the time to help us, even with one on one calls to ensure we were moving forward.

I would recommend La Detra White to people who are stuck in their business and truly want to take their business to the next level of success.

La Detra White, thank you for having such a kind heart and helping entrepreneurs jumpstart their business with coaching and capital. You’re truly a blessing! I am grateful to be on the journey with you. Much LOVE & RESPECT!

I want to take a moment to thank you and your team of judges, from the
bottom of my heart, for awarding me $1,000 in today’s “My Small Business
Story” contest finals.

This entire process has been amazing.  I have learned so much about myself
through this process.  I’ve been stretched and being stretched is something
that should never end on the journey of life.

Today, was epic!  What a blessing to be a part of small businesses coming
together from all over the world and sharing their journey so openly and
from the heart.

Every once in awhile, you come across a once in a lifetime type of person.
A person who is so special, that you feel humbled, honored, and blessed just
to be in their presence.  You, La Detra, are that person.  You are an angel
on this earth and are truly living out a divine, God ordained calling on
your life.  I am so blessed to know you.

Thank you again for this incredible opportunity.  I am truly grateful and am
honored to have taught you how to down-dog. 🙂

My love and heartfelt thanks, to you!

Love and light,

Marina Mukandala, Mind Body Flow Yoga Studio

Great afternoon La Detra,

I hope this message finds you walking in purpose. I wanted to take some time out to offer a sincere thank you for all the time and energy you and your team put into making me a better steward over Virtuous Life. I heard your voice on Sirius XM several months ago, on a day when I wasn’t supposed to be in the car, on a station I never listen to. I knew then that it was a God thing and I am more convinced now that my initial thoughts were true.

Several years ago I would have never attempted a contest like this. I had to dig in deep to my core values and the commitment I made to God to see Virtuous Life be the go-to organization for women’s empowerment. I had to remind myself of all the women that are waiting for me to pull back the veil and go to the next level.

One thing I know about you is that if you could have you would have had $19,000 ready to hand out last week. I am encouraged that people like you are reaching back to show those of us just starting out how to be successful. One day when you turn on the OWN network and see me there, I hope you know that this contest and your feedback was the catalyst and final piece of confirmation that I needed that Virtuous Life is ready to go higher.

Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for women, small businesses, and everyone you are connected to. Continue to set yourself on fire La Detra and the world will come to watch you burn!!

ShaCarolyn Halyard, Virtuous Life Coaching

For over 15 years, I’ve engaged La Detra as a Marketing Consultant and Mentor.  She has been consistent in delivering exceptional quality service in both areas. She is a great listener, thought leader and problem solver.   She is very creative in her approach and collaborative when brainstorming on ideas.  Her support of our firm’s growth has allowed us to achieve the impossible and has contributed to our success.   She has helped me to uncover my thinking talents. I am very fortunate to have her as colleague, friend and mentor.

Charlette Wynn, P3 Delivery

Ms La Detra , we did not want another day to pass without thanking you. Robin and I had decided we needed a business coach. The next day you came up on our social media feed. We pay attention to signs and trust in divine order of things . When we saw that you were a business coach we knew we were going to work with you. Your coaching has helped us think about our business in different ways that we know will have profound affect on our bottom line. After each coaching call we are inspired and challenged in the ways we see our marketing efforts. We usually spend time after the call brainstorming new ideas and different approaches to marketing our company.

Your $10,000 Small Business Giveaway was a great experience for us. We learned how to really present our story and what matters to the customers. We were beyond honored to be in such great company of women owned businesses. Loved all the winners and the grand prize winning business “She Prints “, totally stood out in a crowded field. Watching the final awards presentation on Facebook live had us in tears, we didn’t see that coming.

Ms LaDetra, you are such a force of “Love and Light” Your passion for God, your family and all people comes through everything you do. You are a role model to many aspiring business women. When you passed the “torch “, you were planting the seeds with us all. We are all charged and challenged with reaching back and giving support to each other’s growth.

You are “magic in action.” Your heart is in everything you do. Your ministry is touching lives and you are leading by example. We feel blessed to have connected with you through coaching, your books and your good works in the community.

Thank you for sharing your work and your life with us all. We will return to coaching after we implement the ideas garnered and have measurable feedback from our efforts. Thank you!

Dawn and Robin , Natural Splendor

La Detra White, you are definitely that person in my life!! Because of you, I didn’t give up!! Because of you, I see the great person I am! Because of you, I am confident in myself and my product!! Because of you, I’ve accomplished much!! Because of you, I did things I didn’t know I was capable of.

You believed in me with just a comment, then a phone call! Because of you, I am confident to walk in my destiny and be the woman God created me to be!!

Yolanda Kersey, Sweet Elixirs
I am blessed to have met so many wonderful people who I believe I’m bonded with for life, which is a gift in and of itself.
La Detra…you are the Crown Jewel among jewels. I love your giving, selfless and supportive spirit. You radiate authenticity. THANK YOU for creating a platform for US to shine.
This experience has put the winds back in my sails and I will SOAR higher and higher. This is just the beginning. Much success to you and to all of my co-winners. Onward & Upward!
Regina Thomas Dillard , Inner Sanctum Wellness