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“The Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is Project” was started in July 2016 when La Detra first stepped foot into Kupcakerie and surprised the owners via Facebook Live with a monetary donation and exposure to a slew of customers. Since then, La Detra’s efforts have given 12 businesses over $100,000 in monetary donations and small business resources.  Her goal is to take the movement nationwide, and continue to help the economy thrive through small businesses.  She has made this possible by taking all the profits from her books, This Is My Story But It Is Not My Life and QUEEN, and sowing it back into small businesses.

If you’re looking to support the movement, please help us to continue to bless other small business owners with a tax-deductible donation. We thank you for sharing your love with the movement, and your money will go towards a business that is sure to thrive. Thank you!

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